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Every Business Owner Needs To Hear This

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of any economy. They provide jobs and generate revenue for the country. But what does it take for an entrepreneur to be successful in today’s competitive environment? In today’s blog post, we will discuss 3 numbers that every entrepreneur must know to have an edge in their business, and these include

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What’s New at Bookmark: September 2022

Hello Bookmark users! We’re back with another monthly recap. We’ve Updated Our File Download Module Want to know one of the most effective ways you can offer content directly to your website visitors? By adding a file download module. Using this module, you’ll be able to offer a direct download to any file you’d like,

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3 Content Strategies to Grow Your Social Media Accounts

You can grow your social media accounts quickly by using the three-step plan of action; plan, post, and execute. But first, keep in mind that consistency is of paramount importance. Every business wants to stand out, and you can do that by creating content that is valuable to your audience. Use battle-tested content strategies to

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Grow Your Sales Online: An Updated Guide for Beginners

Today, we’re going to revisit an old topic with some fresh new insight. Running your own eCommerce site is quite challenging when first starting. The entire point of an eCommerce store is to make sales and boost revenue. Besides having quality products that people want to purchase, you want to ensure you pay attention to

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Six Pro Tips for Understanding Consumer Behavior

Understanding consumer behavior involves having a large and passionate audience, applying a compelling value proposition, and using unit economics so that you’re able to match each stage of the buyer’s journey with the product most relevant to their needs. By understanding the factors influencing consumer behavior, you can create products and marketing strategies that appeal

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How to Improve Your Conversion Rate with Copy and Design

Conversion rate optimization or CRO is an important marketing technique that helps improve website conversion rates. It is an iterative process that includes many different tactics. Copy and design are two of the most important aspects to focus on when implementing CRO tactics to help improve your website or eCommerce platform conversion rate. It is

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How to Gain and Use Customer Insights

Customer insights refer to the understanding of your customer base that you derive from data. This includes information about their demographics, likes and dislikes, what motivates them, and how they behave.  You need to know what your customers want to create content or products that they will love. That’s where market research comes in.  With

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6 Free Marketing Tactics You Can Start Today

With the advent of eCommerce, marketing has taken quite a turn. New phrases like brand awareness and social media strategy are coming into play. eCommerce has taken the marketing world by storm, which means conventional advertising doesn’t work as effectively now. So, how do you keep your business alive in the current digital world? By

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Cross-Promotion on Social Media (And 4 Tips to Do It Effectively!)

Cross-promotion is a marketing strategy that involves sharing similar content to promote a business’s products or services simultaneously on more than one social media platform.  In the past, it was laborious for businesses to find new customers and grow their customer base because they were only limited to marketing offline.  But with social media marketing