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Sit back while AiDA builds your website in 2 minutes

AiDA eliminates 90% of the pain points associated with web design.
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Smart Predictions

Data Driven Optimization

Using proprietary machine learning algorithms, AiDA analyzes millions of data points and periodically sends you unique optimization suggestions. These recommendations can be implemented with a single click and will help you deliver the best possible web experience for your audience.

Ai Built Mobile Eesponsive Websites By Bookmark Website Builder
Answer a few questions then watch AIDA create your website
Ai Built Mobile Eesponsive Websites By Bookmark Website Builder
AIDA is your personal Artificial Intelligence design assistant
Ai Built Mobile Eesponsive Websites By Bookmark Website Builder
AIDA will give you suggestions to improve your visitors experience

No design or code skills needed

01. Start

To get started, answer a few questions about your business and goals. Within 2 minutes you will have a personalized website which you can further customize using our simple drag and drop tools.

02. Build

Break free from static templates and harness the power of Ai. Using Proprietary machine learning algorithms, you can build your optimized website and multiple versions of it in minutes. You don’t need to know code to build or make the updates you need.

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03. Grow

Based on your business goals, web traffic, and user interaction, your website will auto-optimize. AiDA will offer you data-driven suggestions on ways to improve your website so you can deliver the best in class web experience.

Choose your specific business goals that
you’d like AiDA to optimize for.


Do you want customers to make more reservations or bookings with your business?

eCommerce Pages

Do you want your customers to click through to your products page to purchase more items?

Email Leads
Get Email Leads

Want visitors to share their email so that potential leads can be added to your email list?

Phone Calls
Phone Calls

Do you want more clients to call your business from your website?

Focus on Sections

Do you want certain sections of your website to be visited more than others?

Contact Forms
Custom Forms

Use our custom forms to collect customer details, create surveys, build lead generation lists, and much more.

Always Evolving

Don’t limit yourself with static templates, bring your vision to life with our Ai powered platform. Your Artificial Design Assistant will auto-optimize your website or online store so you can fast track your path to success.

Your digital journey is as unique as your vision, and we are here to remove any roadblocks along the way. Build your platform or have one of our experts do it for you, we will stand by you every step of the way