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Get 200% More Views
By getting your social media content in front of more people with a live stream on your website from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and more.

Boost Conversions by 40%
By adding customer images to your website from Instagram or by following hashtags for convincing social proof that converts your visitors into customers.

Increase Brand Recognition
By making your posts shareable on your website so visitors can share them and increase your brand reach.

App Overview

The easy way to create a professional social media feed for any website, with no code.

Boost Brand Recognition
Add Multiple Feeds - Mix multiple social media sources in one combined feed so you can display all your content in one place.

Social Sharing - Let your visitors share your Social Feed posts by adding social sharing buttons.

Content Moderation - Approve new posts before they’re added to your website feed, or automatically display any new posts immediately.

Advanced Customization
Automatic Image Cropping - Save time with one-click image cropping. Choose from no crop, portrait, landscape or square.

Flexible Layouts - Pick your perfect gallery style, whether it’s a square grid, collage, or slider.

Eye-Catching Hover Effects - Get more engagement by displaying image captions and likes on hover, with your chosen background color.


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How it works with Bookmark Overview

Click the 'Show Me' button to add the POWr Instagram Feed onto your website, and from there you can drag and drop the module anywhere on the page.

How to use POWr Instagram Feed with Bookmark

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