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Provide great customer support with a live chat app on your website through Facebook Messenger.

Provide excellent customer support with a personal welcome message and your own avatar to your live chat window.

Select your own triggers: display your Facebook Chat box to new visitors only, returning visitors, or all.

Make it yours: select your own icon, welcome message, button text, colors and more for your live chat.

App Overview

Provide seamless, real time customer support with live chat through Facebook Messenger on your Bookmark site. Create your cutom chat window to offer chat support in real time through Facebook Messenger. Add your personal welcome message and avatar for a personal touch and to instill more trust in your visitors when they open the messenger chat. 


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How it works with Bookmark Overview

You can connect Facebook Messenger to your Bookmark website to display a live chat feature on your live site. You'll be able speak with visitors on your site, and new messages will be delivered to Facebook Messenger live, in real time. When you respond the messages will appear to your site visitor in the chat window. 

How to use Messenger with Bookmark

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