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Visitors can subscribe to stay up to date on your latest events and news.

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Add the subscribe form module to your website so that customers can subscribe to stay up to date on your latest events and news.

App Overview

After you add the subscribe form to your website a settings page will open where you can edit the following information: Adding a button caption, Changing the button size and style, Customizing the padding, border style, and border size, Changing the text and background colour

When the customer visits your website and navigates to the subscribe form module they will need to enter their details and press the submit button.

You can view all subcribe form submissions within the Form Submissions dashboard under the Features section of your builder. In the Form Submissions section you will see tabs for your Contact Forms, Subscription Forms, and Custom Forms where you can view and manage all submissions separately.


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How it works with Bookmark Overview

Click the 'Show Me' button to add the Subscribe form module onto your website, and from there you can drag and drop the module anywhere on the page

How to use Subscribe Form with Bookmark

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