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Add the appointments module to your website so that customers can make an appointment on your site, and manage all appointments from the bookings dashboard inside the builder.

App Overview

When creating a new appointment a settings page will open where you will need to input the following information: Appointment name, Appointment description, Currency (optional), Price (optional), Location, Open days, Open from, Open until, Length of appointment, Available appointment intervals, Image (optional)

Once the appointment module has been successfully added to your website you will see a new tab now appear with the name of the appointment within the Bookings Dashboard.

When the customer visits your website and navigates to the appointment module they will need to enter their details and press the submit button.

Once they have submitted the details a pop up will appear saying - "Thank you, your appointment will be confirmed via email". As the site owner you will then receive a notification, look to see if that time is free, and contact the customer to either confirm the appointment or offer alternative dates/times.

You can view all customer appointment within the Bookings Dashboard page as the appointment tab is updated with each new submission, and you can filter through them by date and time. You can also manage all submissions by confirming, rejecting or deleting submissions from within the dashboard.

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How it works with Bookmark Overview

Click the 'Show Me' button to add the Appointment module onto your website, and from there you can drag and drop the module anywhere on the page

How to use Appointments with Bookmark

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